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Heelo is completely free to use. We are basically giving you money.

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The Google search bar will assist your take-off.
Watch your Heelo battery charge with Volts.
Track the Heelo jackpot as it continues to grow.
When you first launch, sponsored content will display here.

Here's how it works…

Companies pay to advertise on the Heelo home page.

Heelo returns over 90% of these profits back to its users.

Here's how you win…

Click your charged
battery to try your luck!

Fully Charged Battery Example
Example of a Winning the Heelo Jackpot

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will be a winner!

Prizes Example

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Getting started is as easy as signing up and setting Heelo as your internet home page.

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Every time you go online, open a new tab, or share Heelo on social media you will be awarded a Volt.

Once your battery charges to 24V you are ready to spin and win.

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Every Heelo spin is a chance to win the progressive jackpot and other cash prizes. Each time anyone Heelo spins, the jackpot grows by $.01. The more players, the bigger the jackpot!

Fans of Heelo say it best…

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